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Highest Paying 10 Online Pokies

With all this talk about the best online casino out there, the essence is lost in a sea of casino reviews and too little appreciation goes out for the pokies themselves. Good thing is that we decided to take upon ourselves to right this wrong and come to you with the best and highest paying 10 online pokies in Australia. And not for Australians, but for high rollers all around the world. Surely, if not in a single place under a single name, you will be able to find most of these pokies at various trusted businesses in the online environment.

If anything, we encourage you not to be afraid of diversity, who knows how many bonuses await your arrival, and most importantly where your online venture will guide your steps next? Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at some of the highest – and we mean REALLY generous – paying online pokies.

Double Double Bonus
El Dorado is only one click away! Microgaming launched one hell of a casino game that has an astonishing payout rate of 99.98%, which is also the highest one we’ve ever stumbled upon so far. If you think about it, one step further and this slot would have 0 margin. So, next time you’re looking to settle with a particular online casino, make sure they have this one in their library.

All Aces Poker
Stumble upon this one, and you’re basically walking into a gold mine. Keep in mind that even though this one might not be as alluring as a 3D slot, it has a monstrous RTP (return to player) of 99.92%. Going forth, this will be the only criteria we’ll take into account as it is, in fact, the most relevant.

Classic Blackjack Gold
Not to kill your buzz or anything, but if you’re only looking to make money out of playing pokies, you might want to consider shifting to card games – not necessarily live – as these are the highest paying online ventures out there. Just like this Microgaming slot which has an RTP of 99.90%.

Match Times Pay Jacks or Better
At first, we thought Microgaming is holding all the high paying online pokies out there. However, we were pleasantly surprised to learn IGT also has an ace up their sleeve with Match Times (to keep it shorter), which comes in at a staggering 99.70% RTP.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold
We told you card games really know how to take care of their players and here’s the proof: yet another online pokie that is based around cards generates an RTP of 99.68%. But don’t worry, we found some classic pokies that will match your taste for both fun and profits, all the same.

Match Times Pay Double – Double Bonus Poker
Be it Poker or Blackjack, we found that these types of casino games usually yield the highest payouts. At the end of the day, Lady Luck is by your side or she isn’t, as simple as that. This last card-based casino slot on our list gives back to the players 99.67% of what it receives, making it worthy of mention. So, consider spicing up things a bit, get out of your comfort zone and score some Big Wins more easily than you thought possible.

Chess Mate
If you really won’t take us up on our advice to try and incorporate some card games into your money making routine, please keep in mind that classic reel pokies have lower RTPs than what we’ve presented you so far, but nonetheless still generous. Like Chess Mate, for example, which come is at a 98.72% Payout rate.

Blood Suckers
This one might ring a bell and understandably so since it’s an extremely popular NetEnt product which got a sequel only recently. This vampire-themed casino slot made it into our list because of a wide range of mini games available that give you the opportunity to score some extra wins once every several spins. NetEnt truly knows how to keep things interesting while also equipping this particular slot with a 98.00% RTP. Golden Dynasty
NetEnt brings the fun, but Microgaming surely knows how to make their pokies rewarding. Consider just how many times we mentioned the latter and how huge those RTPs were in association with the name. Yet another Microgaming branded casino slot with a high RTP of 97.88% finds a place on our list of highest paying online pokies and with the goods to back it up.

Kings of Chicago
We’ve reached the end of our list with a notable NetEnt product, namely Kings of Chicago. Once again, the largest casino games provider managed to beautifully balance the thrill of spinning those reels with a rewarding payout of 97.80%. You know have 10deadly weapons at your disposal to bump that account balance up a few notches. So, use it and enjoy the rewards!

If you’re looking to casually spin some reels and watch some animations on the way, maybe receive some extra spins or test out mini-games, our best advice is to search for NetEnt casino pokies. Most of their pokies also come with a back story and are really immersive. However, if you’re in the business for pure profits and don’t put a price on details, textures, stories, animations and stuff like that, you will find above everything you need in your arsenal to make the big payday.

Our list of highest paying 10 online pokies worldwide has been compiled mostly for rugged high rollers who don’t back away from outdated graphics, as long as the money keeps flowing. Sacrifices must be made in order to boost up your balance, and we’d happily trade the feel of the slot for the rewards. How about you?

Published April 2, 2019

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