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Eric Clapton naked!… not, perhaps, the prettiest of images; but musically speaking, it’s the loveliest of sounds. An acoustic guitar, a microphone and the sublime Slowhand touch is the splendid basis for the main theme and incidental music of The Story of Us. Draped with merely a rustle of congas, Clapton’s delicate vocal smoke, and the barest of additional ornamentation, this is a raw, honest recording – including every delicious scrape and scratch of flesh on string, on wood – that is a tribute to minimalism.

Mostly its romantic noodlings, with Clapton never quite rising to his compositional zenith, but even when he’s coasting his instinctive musicality shines through and, besides, it’s the gorgeous, silky tone and tactile texture that provides the emotional connection. A twist of variety is added by a couple of brief but delightful continental-flavoured excursions – replete with whimsical accordion accompaniment – that round out the incidental tracks.

All this atmospheric lyricism is propped up with some tremendous older recordings including Ruby Braff and his New England Songhounds version of Fats Waller’s mischievous Keepin’ Out of Mischief Now, Mason William’s classic Classical Gas and a 1992 live cut of Clapton himself performing the wonderful Wonderful Tonight.

But it’s the moody minimalism of Slowhands’s acoustic guitar that provides the cream between these sonic sweets; so intimate it’s like having Clapton, stripped to the buff (metaphorically… mercifully), playing background music in your dining room.
Brad Green

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TITLE: The Story of Us (music from the motion picture)

ID: 9 47608-2
Reprise Records/CR Films

COMPOSER: Eric Clapton, Marc Shaiman

PRODUCER: Eric Clapton, Marc Shaiman

FEATURED ARTISTS: Eric Clapton, Ruby Braff & His New England Songhounds, Teddy Wilson, The Andrews Sisters, Mason Williams



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