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Largely improvised around a central idea: young Argentinean, Fabian Stratas, goes to The Falkland Islands on a short journey intended to mate with several young Falkland women to increase the Argentinian population of the British outpost. He wants to set an example to other young Argentineans… He meets Camilla, and they have a short and tentative affair, before Fabian’s time is up and he has to return to Bueno Aires. 

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
A novelty film with roguish appeal, F**kland is initially intriguing and draws us in with its hidden camera capturing the journey of an Argentinian to the Falkland Islands, with a mission to impregnate young women and give them Argentine babies. A revenge film of sorts. He’s setting an example to other young Argentine men in an unusual political act. 

There is fun and there is observation and even a bit of insight, as the concept of reality fiction is transformed into a feature film. But there’s not really enough substance to it to fill its running time. By the final 15 minutes, when the film makes its dramatic play for our attention, it is too little too late. Sticking to the Dogme 95 manifesto of pure filmmaking (no sets, all natural lighting, real locations –and in this case only two actors, all others are real) the film looks like a documentary, but it isn’t. This wouldn’t matter if the footage was riveting, but the boring bits make it not only reality but unedited reality, which, as Alfred Hitchcock might have said, is not drama. Interesting, but more a work in progress than a finished product; the process takes precedence over subject matter. 

Footnote: The film is titled Fuckland, a joke playing on the way Falkland is pronounced by Argentineans and what the film’s protagonist intends to do there, but Australia’s OFLC insists on the asterisks.

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CAST: Fabian Stratas, Camilla Heaney

PRODUCER: Edi Flehner, Mariano Suez

DIRECTOR: Jose Luis Marques


CINEMATOGRAPHER: Fabian Stratas, Jose Luis Marques, Alejandro Hartmann, Guillermo Naistat

EDITOR: Pipo Bonamino

MUSIC: Sergio Figueroa


RUNNING TIME: 84 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: Sydney: September 12, 2002

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