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That raspberry you hear is audiences responding to ads on the big screen. (Advertisers may feel that’s not the desired effect.) In last week’s edition we reported on a US survey that showed most people disliked seeing ads at the cinema; we asked our readers to comment, and not surprisingly, a similar resentment emerges. Here we publish a selection of readers’ responses:

From Ladd Wheeler:
I strongly resent ads in movies. I have paid to see a film and am then held hostage by Val Morgan. The next thing will be to force patrons to buy popcorn. If theatre owners must have the revenue, at least leave the lights on during the ads so that people can choose to come in late.

Thanks for the opportunity to complain.

From Bruce Haynes:
All the ads in cinemas suck! Our whole life is dominated by ads, from TV to just walking down the street. Watch a game of sport on the TV and it is a struggle to see the players through the ads.

The cinema should be about promoting movies and getting people in to watch them by these promotions. Profits will follow (especially when charged $4.50 each for popcorn and coke - which must be a 1000% markup).

Also there is more than enough product placement in movies to cover advertising. Just look at "The Italian Job". That movie was just made to sell and promote Minis to the public.

In Asia if the start time of the movie is 6.15pm then that's what time it starts. Not 15 minutes later after all the advertising.

I have no problem with viewing trailers (though I shut my eyes as they give too much away in a movie and I like to be surprised) as they promote the cinemas and people enjoy watching them.

From Hilary Stouff:
There’s nothing worse than bad ads when you’ve paid to be sitting there, but I don’t mind the odd big screen ad, if it’s cinematic and tasteful. But I do think the popcorn and soft drink prices should come down; let the advertisers subsidise those things.

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