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A widowed Coast Guard Admiral, Frank Bradsley (Dennis Quaid) with 8 children reconnects with childhood sweetheart now handbag designer Helen North (Rene Russo) with 10 children. They marry without consulting their kids, who instantly loath each other. Frank has the little Beardsleys all shipshape, while Helen's bohemian approach to parenting is live and let live. But both sets of kids want to sabotage the marriage.

Review by Louise Keller:
Organisation meets chaos in Yours, Mine and Ours, a good natured family comedy that is entertaining in a sweet kind of way. No nonsense routine is the order of the day for Dennis Quaid's admiral Frank, while Rene Russo's arty designer Helen can only get through life in a mess. Quaid and Russo take on the Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball roles in this remake of the 1968 family comedy in which two large families unite, resulting in a ship-load of conflict.

The relationships may be the stuff fantasies are made of, but the leads are appealing, the children cute and the situations funny. 'Homes are for free expression, not good impressions,' says Helen, who revels in untidiness, contrary to her immaculate appearance. Frank runs the home like a military institution, and when the two families move in together, in a rambling, double storey seaside home with a lighthouse, he creates colour-coded rosters for household tasks and activities. Opposites attract when it comes to Frank and Helen's romance: they manage to have candle-lit get-together, despite squabbling kids, an eccentric housekeeper who has a penchant for a dry martini (Linda Hunt, subtle) and a pet pig that is seen carrying a pizza, jumping on the dining table and shares a bedroom scene with Frank.

The kids are delightful and we understand their dilemma as they turn Frank and Helen's life upside down. While the film is ultra light and bright with slapstick and funny situations, the underlying themes of love and family are never far away. Uplifting and charming, this is a family film sure to please all ages.

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
As full of corn as a wheatfield in Kansas, Yours Mine and Ours is simply not good enough as a movie for 6 - 12 year olds, and not only is it boring for them, it is boring for their parents or aunts or grannies who take them along. The actors are not to blame, though, from the good natured Rene Russo to the energetic Dennis Quaid and all the 18 child actors who make up the Ours.

The problem is with the screenplay and the tone: the former is based on the 1968 original, but ever so loosely, working hard to update the scenario, but failing to find the truth of the material which even the actors can't manufacture. The latter is so uneven, so inconsistent that the film never quite engages us on either the slapstick level nor the emotional throughline.

This leaves very little to hold our interest, and with hardly anything invested in the film, we can't get too excited by the schmaltzy resolution.

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(US, 2005)

CAST: Dennis Quaid, Rene Russo, Sean Faris, Katija Pevec, Dean Collins, Tyler Patrick Jones, Haley Ramm, Bracken Palmer, Bridger Palmer, Ty Panitz, Danielle Panabaker, Drake Bell, Miki ishikawa, Slade Pearce, Lil JJ, Miranda Cosgrove, Andrew Vo, Jennifer Habib, Jessica Habib, Nicholas Roget-King, Rip Torn, Linda Hunt, Jerry O'Connell, David Koechner

PRODUCER: Robert Simonds, Richard Suckle

DIRECTOR: Raja Gosnell

SCRIPT: Ron Burch, David Kidd (based on 1968 screenplay)

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Theo van de Sande

EDITOR: Bruce Green, Stephen A. Rotter, Steve Rotter

MUSIC: Christopher Beck


RUNNING TIME: 88 minutes



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