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Wednesday, May 23
By Jimmy Thomson

Quentin Tarantino hosted last night’s gottgetthere party and apparently Claudia Schiffer turned up. Later on Abel Ferarra joined the happy throng, but it wasn’t a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer. Ferrara’s Go Go Nights isn’t up against Tarantino’s Death Proof for the Palm D’Or. But that doesn’t increase Quentin’s chances of picking up a second gong much. The vibe around Cannes is that Tarantino has lost the plot with his recent movies which these days are more about arty posturing and excessive violence than story and character. (See final item).


Reluctant as I am to bang on about other journalists, there are a few things different from when I started writing about film festivals. In the early days we tied tiny messages to the legs of carrier pigeons and hoped our rivals didn’t shoot them out of the sky with bows and arrows. More recently, I remember turning up at the Venice Film Festival many years ago with my own computer and modem. Judging by some of the other journos there who were, after all, film reviewers rather than specced up news reporters, I might as well have materialised off a space ship and beamed myself back up when I was done. How times have changed. Here in Cannes there’s a wi-fi cafe in the Palais press centre where you can get free online coverage from festival sponsors Orange. There must be at least 60 journos clicking away at any given time – with photographers cropping their pictures just seconds after they took them, before firing them off into the ether and their waiting editors. Meanwhile those who were convinced these new fangled things would never take off, prowl the corridors looking for fax machines. Remember them? They were all the rage last century. Someone will no doubt make a movie about these luddites.

Another thing that has changed is the advent of blogs and audio clips (like those you can access here). Movie publicists are desperately trying to restrict interviews to specific territories but no sooner has a writer filed his piece to say, the Daily Whinger in London, than it appears on the World Wide Interweb. Ironically, I’ve been refused interviews because we’re on the net and that can’t be contained to one territory. Logic clearly hasn’t quite caught up with reality.

And in another innovation, some journalists are filing recordings from round-table press conferences where six or seven different journos interview a star at the same time. But how do they get past the fact that rival journalists asking their own questions which the stars being interviewed then answered? Simple. They edit out the other guys and revoice the question themselves. Cute.


By the way, sponsorship may bring benefits but it doesn’t work to everyone’s advantage. Nescafe have free coffee stalls in the Press centre which is very generous. But, Jeez, it would have been much nicer if it had been Lavazza or Illy or Toby’s Estate. At least it wasn’t one of those ubiquitous American chains whose coffee is so bland they have to put flavourings in it.


Quentin Tarantino thinks the producers of Casino Royale, the Daniel Craig movie that reclaimed the James Bond franchise for true fans, owe him a vote of thanks. Hear why in this EXCERPT from an interview.

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Quentin Tarantino
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Quentin Tarantino audio excerpt from an interview.



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