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When Valinda's (Connie Britton) parents decide to sell their Pacific Palisades home, she throws a reunion party for high school friends in a bid to relive their carefree days. It is the morning after the night before and when Valinda's lawyer husband Will (Tate Donavon) arrives, the clearing up has already begun. Val's former flame Jack (William Mapother) is now with his wife Zoey (Ione Skye); Claire (Sarah Clarke) has left her husband and children behind in Ohio; Katrina (Caitlin Keats) is a doctor and still a party girl; Corey (David Herman) is a former actor uncomfortable in his own skin; Mickey (Eric Stoltz) is a local lifeguard, who brightens up any party. There are laughs and tears as friends, lovers and spouses decide to stay for one more night.

Review by Louise Keller:
There are joyful reminiscences, casual confessions and loads of nostalgia as a group of best friends chill out together after a wild reunion party. Just as The Big Chill in the 80s captured the nostalgia of the 60s by former high school friends, One More Night takes a similar glimpse at the 80s by a group of 30 something year olds. There's a tangible sense of regret for days gone by and how complicated life has become. Relationships are renewed, confidences exchanged and revelations made in this warm and involving film that celebrates friendship.

As the film begins, the first thing we see is the aftermath of a fabulous party. There are bottles, glasses, streamers, balloons and condoms strewn all over the place. Phones are floating in the pool with cigarette stubs, bikini tops can be found in surprising places and a pair of knickers is clogging up the hot tub. Released in some countries as The Lather Effect, One More Night is a labyrinth of characters and tales woven together and giving an insight into their lives. As the friends buckle down to clean up, they decide to spend one more night together and we slowly get to know them all. There's Sarah Clarke's married Claire who still harbours a crush for Lex. Sexy Katrina (Caitlin Keats) who has a reputation for one night stands but no relationships and the central relationship between Connie Britton's Valinda and her former lover Jack (William Mapother). There is clearly still a spark between them and as a result issues arise with Val's husband Will (Tate Donavon) and Jack's understandably insecure wife Zoey (Ione Skye).

There's a lovely sense of intimacy throughout the film, and Eric Stoltz is a standout as local lifeguard Mickey, the lair with earrings and Union Jack bathers who adds a touch of craziness to his every scene. There are altercations, candle-lit dinner under the stars, drinks and joints in the hot tub and a game of Truth or Dare in which secrets are revealed. Forever Young is the song that is playing as the friends reflect all the 'firsts' (first kiss, first concert, first heartbreak) they will no longer experience. Appealing not only to those who remember the 80s, but to all generations who have to come to terms with letting go the past and embracing the future.

Published August 14, 2008

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(US, 2006)

aka The Lather Effect

CAST: Eric Stoltz, Ione Skye, Connie Britton, William Mapother, Caitlin Keats, Tate Donovan, Sarah Clarke, Peter Facinelli, David Herman

PRODUCER: Gary Bryman, Mike Jackson, Rachel Rothman

DIRECTOR: Sarah Kelly

SCRIPT: Sarah Kelly, Tim Talbott


EDITOR: Darren Ayres

MUSIC: Dominic Kelly


RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes



DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Beyond Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: August 14, 2008

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