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"It was fun to do something that I was almost entirely unqualified for, "  -Julia Roberts on set of Everyone Says I Love You
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Stars of Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Kirsten Bell and Russell Brand Ė talk about the nude scenes, sex positions and how they drew on real life for their film shoot.

Q: How were the nude scenes?
MK: I wasnít naked. I had a little nipple cover. In one of the early cuts you could see a nipple. Jason and I were having sex and on the side all you could see is a blue butterfly right in front of the nipples.
JS: I think this is the first movie with nudity, but no female nudity, only male nudity. Itís bizarre.

Q: Did you feel embarrassed?
JS: I was born to some extent without a sense of shame and any amount of shame I have had Judd has beaten out of me for the last 10 years. Heís been slowly undressing me on camera since Freaks and Geeks. It started with little Speedo underwear on Freaks and Geeks and by Undeclared he had me in just a towel and in Knocked Up he had me naked but covering myself. And now heís finally achieved his master goal of me being naked. The thing that I like about it is itís not gratuitous in the way that itís done. Itís also not done for a cheap laugh. Itís not like Iím running through the Hawaiian beach and my towel falls off and everyone laughs. It takes place in a dramatic scene where the guy is literally having the most vulnerable moment of his life. The woman he wants to marry is dumping him, and having him be naked in that scene, I think, metaphorically, it was everything that he was going through realized.

The other reason its in there is that I had a naked break-up in my younger years. I was dating this woman who got back from a trip she was on and she called me literally from the airport. She was like, ďI just landed, I need to come see you.Ē And I took that to mean, ďIíve been on a trip, I need to have sex.Ē So she arrives at my house and Iím there waiting for her like a flabby Chippendales model and she walks through the door and I did the east/west and I said, ďHey baby, Iíve been waiting for you.Ē And she looked at me sadly and said, ďJason, we need to talk.Ē

And I knew what was happening and this break-up commences where all of a sudden Iím being dumped while Iím naked, and the whole time, and this might have been part of the problem in the relationship, I should be experiencing this as a person having a real moment in their life, and all I kept thinking was I cannot wait for her to leave so I can call Judd and tell him what just happened because nothing funnier in my life will ever happen than this. So thatís why itís in there.

Q: Russell, are you jealous of Jasonís full frontal nude scene?
RB: Only because it was with her. That was the only thing that made me jealous. Often what Iíd do is stand outside Kristenís bungalow naked at night. I said, ďJason does it.Ē But they said, ďThat is in the film.Ē So? We donít know that this isnít being filmed by perhaps a superior intelligence that regards us as ants. I said, ďWe canít prove that and you canít use that in court.Ē

Q: Whatís the best thing about being promiscuous?
RB: The best thing about being promiscuous is you meet a lot of people very quickly and you have a lot of orgasms. The worst thing is a prevailing sense of nihilistic loss, or meaninglessness, so that everything is interchangeable and nothing is permanent. So promiscuity is beneficial in some respects because you recognize everyone is beautiful and itís good to have sexual encounters. Do you only want to have sex? What do you mean only? Iím bloody good at it! I'm better at sex than talking so thatís one of the best things you could do with me.

Q7: How did you come up with the sexual aerobics in the film?
KB: We come up with those ourselves. We were shoved into a room about a week after knowing each other and were told to use our yoga expertise and we came up with 15 of the most awkward sexual positions possible.
RB: They did shove us as well. We didnít want to go in that room! All we had to entertain us was sexual positions. Luckily our chemistry was good so we came up with some very elaborate positions.

Published August 21, 2008

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