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When, pressured by the international community, Chile’s military dictator Augusto Pinochet calls for a Yes / No referendum to decide his permanence in power in 1988, the leaders of the opposition persuade a daring young advertising executive - René Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal) - to design their ‘No’ campaign. With limited resources and under the constant scrutiny of the despot's watchmen, Saavedra and his team conceive of a bold plan to win the referendum and free their country from oppression. (Australian cinema release: April 18, 2013)

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* Rebranding the revolution, 1980s style. Pablo Larraín’s latest film is a wicked satire of the fall of Chile’s dictatorship, with Gael García Bernal’s ad man as pied piper, says Demetrios Matheo of Sight & Sound.

* In keeping with the more upbeat theme, this is the closest yet that Larraín has made to a crowd-pleasing movie and as such it bears an interesting resemblance to Ben Affleck’s recent Argo, adds Matheo.

Academy Award Nomination 2013 –Best Foreign Language Film
Cinema For Peace Award 2013 - Cinema For Peace Awards

National Board of Review:
Top 5 Foreign Language Films

Festival wins:
CICAE Award, Cannes 2012
Audience Award, Sao Paulo 2012
Audience Award, Thessaloniki 2012

Festival Nominations:
London, Oslo, Hamburg, Tokyo

Critical praise:
* “It’s an extraordinary story and Larrain tells it with all the passion of a historian, Gael García Bernal perfectly cast as the advertising executive Rene Saavedra. Those interested in history will be fascinated, while the layman will latch onto the incongruity of the tale,” says Louise Keller, www.urbancinefile.com.au  

* “After "Tony Manero" and "Post Mortem," his devastating portraits of how the Pinochet regime psychologically brutalized the people of Chile from 1973-90, Chilean helmer Pablo Larrain satisfyingly completes the trilogy with an affirmative victory for democracy in "No." Tense throughout, even for history-savvy auds, but still rich in the sort of Andean-soil-black humor that made Larrain's previous work so distinctive, the pic stars Gael Garcia Bernal as an adman who helps the opposition fashion a campaign to get people to vote against keeping Pinochet in power in a 1988 referendum. Result will get plenty of yes votes from arthouse distribs worldwide.

“In fact, with the right kind of marketing, "No" has the potential to break out of the usual ghettos that keep Latin American cinema walled off from non-Hispanic territories,” says Leslie Felperin, Variety

Published April 11, 2013

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