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"Remembrance" depicts a remarkable love story that blossomed against the unlikely background of a German concentration camp in 1944 Poland. This impossible passion fuels the courage of a Polish prisoner who manages a daring escape for himself and his Jewish girlfriend. Against all odds, they escape the camp and survive a treacherous journey to freedom. But during the chaos of the end of the war they become separated and each is convinced that the other has died. More than thirty years later in New York, the happily married 52-year-old Hannah accidentally finds out that her former Polish lover is still alive. And she has to see him again. A love story across the ages. (Based on a true story.)

“To those who swore they’d seen enough Holocaust-themed films to last a lifetime: Rescind your vow, just this once. The German drama “Remembrance” is that good. It’s better than good, in fact. It’s unforgettable ...the rare film that’s epic in scale and reach, yet effortlessly capable of touching every viewer.” 
– Michael Fox, JWeekly, San Francisco

“Besides the superb acting, the movie’s strengths include the beautiful cinematography and an intelligent script that explores the deepest emotions of mankind. It gets my vote as the best film of this year’s Kansas City Jewish Film Festival, [2012].”
- Keith D. Cohen, Kansas City Chronicle

Anna Justice: The toughest challenge of all was to show in just a few flashbacks the complexity of a concentration camp, its prisoners and its tormentors, thehuman interactions that survived amidst all of itr, people falling in love in the middle of it all, and the secret niches that to which people clung. Without drawing from cliches. Without diminishing the terror, as part of daily life. Much time was spent thinking about and working on that.

“One of the issues of this story, which is based on true events, was: Are there people who are meant for each other? Personally, I tend to believe in coincidence, that the course of our lives is led by accidental incidents and the decisions we make as a result of these incidents. To me, the beauty of this story lies in the fact that the two former lovers had the incredible luck to find out the other isn’t dead. They got the rare chance to meet again. A chance to reconcile themselves with what had happened to them, their love and their fate.”

Pam Katz: When the first stage of my research was complete, I was certain I could convincingly portray the couple’s escape both by portraying the social structure of the camp, as well as the landscape of war-torn Poland. I then had to ask myself the most difficult question of all: could I ever get close enough to the characters and authentically portray the experiences of two Auschwitz survivors?

I was fascinated by the idea that this was a story that was as historical as it was personal. It was as much about the war, as it was about two young lovers who lost each other for more than 30 years. When they find out that they’ve both been alive all along, of course they fear that they missed the life they were meant to live—they fear facing a profound sense of regret about the very good life that each of them has lived.

Published October 17, 2013

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Remembrance opens at Sydney’s Cremorne Orpheum and Cinema Paris on October 31, 2013 (distributed by Arkles Entertainment)

REMEMBRANCE (foreign title: Die verlorene Zeit)
DIRECTOR: Anna Justice
SCREENPLAY: Pam Katz, Anna Justice
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Sebastian Edschmid
EDITOR: Uta Schmidt
MUSIC: Christoph Kaiser, Julian Maas
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Andreas Olshausen
In German and English with English subtitles

Opening October 31, 2013
Rated M Violence & Sex Scene 
Running Time 107 minutes

Audience Award Winner at Los Angeles, Zagreb, London and Hong Kong Jewish Film Festivals
Audience Award Winner at San Francisco Berlin & Beyond Film Festival
Audience Award Winner at Filmkunstfest Schwerin May 2011

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