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"Hollywood wouldn't just borrow an idea; they're more arrogant than that. They'd simply buy it."  -American film director Beeban Kidron
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The future of the screen industry – including the traditional film industry – is what the players are calling all-media projects. But how do you get experience in the future? By listening to (or in this case reading) what the pioneers can teach us. Marcus Gillezeau is a pre-eminent and award winning not to mention successful pioneer, and he has written a handy book, Hands On All Media Producing, passing on what he has learnt. Andrew L. Urban asked him for a copy to review ...

First of all, don’t go looking for this book in book stores; it’s published by Firelight Productions, the company run by Marcus Gillezeau (Jillezeau) and his creative, business and life partner, Ellenor Cox. But it was with writer (and lecturer in storyworld creation) Evelyn Saunders that Marcus wrote the book. Instead of publishers, they had sponsors, in the form of state and federal screen agencies, and also Madman, Deluxe Australia, DDP Studios and Metro Screen.

From the moment you open it you realise that the communication skills that drive Firelight have been adapted to publishing. The book is presented in an inviting and accessible format, in a dynamic layout that is given some colour and design tweaks you don’t normally find even in text books.

(The only negative I can say about the book is its physical stubbornness: it refuses to stay open without two hands holding it, one on each side. Tough little bastard … )

The first buds of this book appeared 16 years before this full bloom came into the world. That’s how much of a pioneer is Marcus.

"practical to the nth degree"

The book is practical to the nth degree. For example, page 62, Budgeting All Media Content: in three simple paragraphs (including a dead easy equation), Marcus gives the reader precise, experience-driven information.

Elsewhere – in many places – Marcus uses the spectacularly successful example of Firelight’s amazing documentary, Storm Surfers 3D, which has been distributed on every screen platform and will probably be seen on a storm cloud near you very soon. That sort of experience is what you can’t buy: until now.

Like the case study of The Project Factory’s Wie is Tim? the first cross platform content project to be used for a mass audience. Guy Gadney of TPF gave a talk at a trade event about TPF’s platform for creating transmedia experiences around narrative properties, which captured the imagination of Ian McClelland at RTL Group, Europe’s leading entertainment network. They got together and Marcus traces how the project developed, picking out the most important ‘Tips’. This is incredibly valuable information – as is everything in the book.

But you’ll need both hands to wrestle the bugger into submission. Needless to say, the book is also available to download as an e-book, etc. just see

Published January 16, 2014

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