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"I wanted to see a character like I once felt - not good for anything, but with a desire to be noticed. She doesn't have a talent for anything except being herself. And I put a value on that. "  -P.J. Hogan, on his film Muriel's Wedding
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The truth revealed. The questions answered. The conspiracy unravelled. The story that unlocks the secrets behind The X-Files mythology is finally here. Everything is explained – from the bees to the black oil; from the shape-shifters to the faceless rebels; from Samantha Mulder and Scully's abductions to the true identity of the cigarette smoking man. One woman – Cassandra Spender - is the link to these revelations. She is the end product of a secret, decades-long experiment orchestrated by the cigarette-smoking man. She plays a pivotal role in the alien plan to colonize Earth. For Mulder and Scully, Cassandra is the final piece in the puzzle – the cipher that solves the mysteries of the mythology once and for all.

"Since it first started, the X Files has accumulated a wide following to rival any television series of the 90's - or any decade for that matter. The characters have developed and grown, as has the show, and now with the imminent release of 'One Son', the series has grown even more. Filled with surprises and revelations, this new episode has the potential to go down in the annals of X-Files history as a major key to understanding the whole story – only snippets of which have been hinted at throughout the entire series. One major surprise is the high level of involvement of Cancer Man throughout the episode. Much is revealed about this shadowy, secretive figure and his highly top secret group of co-conspirators, in the biggest conspiracy of all… To get the most out of One Son, the audience must really have knowledge of previous events in the series. This episode will raise as many questions as it answers, if not more, and is certain to be one of the most popular in the history of the x-files. Everyone likes a mystery, but everyone also likes that mystery to be unraveled at some point. One Son deals with mysteries and issues dating back as far as the Roswell incident in 1947. Closer to the present, it deals with the mystery surrounding Cancer Man as well as Cassandra Spender, mother of Agent Spender who took over control of the X files after the dismissal of Agents Mulder and Scully, and sufferer of many alleged alien abductions. These mysteries are dealt with in a typical X Files fashion, that is the viewer is never allowed to see the whole truth all at once. Sometimes this can be frustrating and maybe a little annoying. But in One Son, it works beautifully to answer our questions and yet not reveal all there is to know about alliances within the FBI and relationships among assumed friends. If all our questions were answered, there’d be no reason to "tune in next week". And if we knew everything, it would be become very boring watching the show. I feel that One Son is a turning point in the history of The X Files. We no longer crave to know "what", so much as "why" and "how".
Sebastian Urban, Teen Critic

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CAST: Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny
DIRECTOR: Rob Bowman
SCRIPT: Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz (Created by Chris Carter)

RRP: $24.95

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