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Jason Bourne (2016) - was it good?

The latest instalment in the Bourne series was a whirlwind from beginning to end. Some critics declare it to be the best of the film series yet, giving impressively realistic context to an iconic character, and it’s easy to see why.

In the latest Bourne film we see Matt Damon return to one of his most iconic roles and the CIA is nipping at the amnesiac spy’s heels once again. Ex CIA agent Nicky Parsons has hacked into the CIA’s system and discovered a lot of secrets. Finding Bourne laying low in Greece, she steals him away from his temporarily peaceful life to settle old scores and discover more of his hidden past. What ensues is an adrenalin fuelled hurricane with Jason in the middle of it.

In Jason Bourne we get to discover even more about Bourne’s shaky and mysterious past and the ambiguities of the last films are put into perspective and brought into the light. The stakes are higher than ever. In the context of the franchise, Jason Bourne might be one of the best films yet. It’s an action packed, intelligent thriller that, if not exceeded, certainly matched the quality of the previous instalments. It stays true to its predecessors while also giving a seamless update to the story and characters to match the modern world. Technology plays a key role in this film, unlike in the other films where it was barely an accessory. Modern issues like American security and Edward Snowden are brought into the plot and Jason is more developed as a character, showing the audience a new and more complex side of the anti-hero we all thought we knew.

The daring action and epic stunts make this the most visually thrilling Bourne film yet. We’re brought around the world to stunning locations and in each place chaos is left in Bourne’s wake. One particular scene to rave about is a car chase through night time Las Vegas, with an incredible music score to accompany heart-stopping stunts that keep you constantly on the edge of your seat.

Speaking of Las Vegas, it seems that the latest Bourne film has given the opportunity for Matt Damon to add some fuel to a long burning fire. Back in 2013 there were hints that a sequel to the 1998 cult classic Rounders might be in the works. This year, while promoting Jason Bourne hopes for this particular sequel built up momentum when Damon announced in an interview that the original writers have already got a plot in mind for Rounders 2. In 2017 Matt Damon might be returning to the casino for another shot at glory, in which case, Ladbrokes might help us brush up on our Poker knowledge in preparation.

As an addition to a franchise that began as not much more than an action series, Jason Bourne has done an amazing job at modernising a classic story and bringing new life to a beloved character. Tommy Lee Jones plays a new villain perfectly – wonderfully wretched in his heartless stoicism – and Alicia Vikander brings the role of Heather Lee to life. Jason Bourne is a film that gives you more than you would expect and will leave you gasping for breath.

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