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In a poolside interview at the Noosa Sheraton for the first Noosa Film Festival, Jason Biggs and Chris Klein, the two male stars of American Pie, show off their all-American wholesomeness in T-shirts and smiles, to ANDREW L. URBAN.

American boys just wanna have fun, and Jason ('Biggsy') and Chris Klein ('Klein') have squeezed every ounce of fun out of their Australian promotional tour. In Melbourne they were taken to a game of footy at the MCG and loved it. They ran along the banks of Yarra and went to the art gallery. In Noosa they "hit the beach, ran in the park, and walked along Hastings Street," before joining your reporter poolside. And in a few hours, they are flying off to France, where they will no doubt jog along in the autumn sun by the Seine.

"we all had a lot of fun"

It was in the same spirit of fun that they made American Pie, an often hilarious and unremittingly frank observation of teenage sexual adventures - or would be sexual adventures, if only . . .

Imagining that making a comedy is hard work, I suggest the film looks more fun than it really was to make. Ah, but no. "Part of the fun was the hard work," says Klein, with his easy smile. Biggsy, looking trimmer than in the film, adds a rider: "Everyone got along and we all had a lot of fun. We knew it was something special and were glad to be a part of it."

"apple pie is no longer on his list of edible foods"

He first read the script late one night "and woke my flatmate laughing out loud." And when it came to shooting the film, Biggs was made to feel comfortable. "I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to." Like humping an apple pie (apple pie is no longer on his list of edible foods).

"I decided that it would all be funnier if I didn't hold back…." Well, he was right. When you see him exploring the world of teenage sex, you'll know what he means.

But, says Klein, "one of the key issues in the film is the friendship of the four male characters and that was the most memorable thing for me to explore for myself."

The objective of the filmmakers was to portray as realistically as possible the point of view of the teenage characters. And it was pretty easy with American Pie, whose script contained all the comedic elements. "We wanted to make a comedy that was also very real," says Klein. "Adam Hertz wrote a very funny script so it was easy for us to find those comic moments. We just had to flesh it out and say the lines."

"we all laughed hysterically"

The two boys went to the cast and crew screening with their parents, "and we all laughed hysterically, which was great. They're very proud of us," says Biggs.

"Yeah, it's cool," Klein agrees, "we're always trying to make our parents proud of us…."

Klein has just finished shooting his next film, the romantic drama, Here on Earth, playing Kelley, a city kid whose life is changed when he spends time in the country. His future status is star, says a confident Mike Selwyn, Managing Director of UIP, who distributes American Pie. "I guarantee that if in a few years time Chris Klein turns up here, he'll be mobbed," says a poolside Selwyn, also in T shirt (this one with the Dreamworks logo on the breast).

Biggsy, meanwhile is getting ready to play "the comic relief" in Boys and Girls (shooting in October for Miramax) as a college student who'll do anything to get a girl. Sort of what he plays in American Pie. "Only different."

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Jason Biggs

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American Pie was screened at the Noosa Film Festival (Sept 2 - 8, 1999) in the Gala Screenings section, followed by a party. Some of the cast came to Noosa - and to the party.


Eugene Levy & Jason Biggs
THAT scene with apple pie.

Chris Klein & Mena Suvari
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