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Pepperland is a happy, musical paradise located 80,000 leagues under the sea, where the locals enjoy concerts by the much-loved Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The anti-music Blue Meanies launch a missile attack, and turn Pepperland into a sad, grey wasteland. But heroic Captain Fred escapes in the Yellow Submarine to get help. Making his way to Liverpool, he recruits the Fab Four, who board the vessel and take a psychedelic, sub-sea journey to save Pepperland. They encounter evil opponents Flying Glove, Kinky Boot Beasts and the Dreaded Vacuum Monster. Will they get there in time? And will love, peace and some of the best Beatles' harmonies be enough to save the people of Pepperland?

"Like the Land of Oz in The Wizard of Oz, The Beatles' Pepperland is the utopia that dreams are made of. A land where peace, love and harmony reign supreme. And just as the yellow brick road is the pathway to Oz, the Yellow Submarine takes us to a psychedelic land of flower power, unanimity and euphoria. The Beatles' music has always not only entertained us with catchy, melodic tunes, but sends us messages that ring loud, clear and true. Their messages are simple, accessible and appealing: just like the song title 'All You Need is Love' says it all. Watching Yellow Submarine thirty years after it was made, is an extraordinary experience. The Beatles phenomenon hits us all over again, as we embrace visual concepts that are sense-responsive. It's a bit like tripping without the risks: time not only slows down, it goes forwards, backwards and turns upside down. The animation is on one plane our focus is on the music and the ideas. And it's a feast for the senses. On a backdrop of those oh-so-familiar-tunes (Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, When I'm 64, Nowhere Man, Sgt. Pepper, to name a few), we revisit an era of music history, when love was free and perceptions were off-centre. Yellow Submarine is about opening doors, exploring rejecting 'no' for 'yes' and offers a ticket to a world of fantasy beyond our consciousness. A world where the unicorn has its head in the clouds, the skies are marmalade and people eat marshmallow pies. The themes are timeless and universal good versus evil; love versus hate. Like a surreal painting, Yellow Submarine tosses its ideas casually, yet leaves us with a strong message about all things beautiful and positive. Sail the ship, go beyond the rainbow jump aboard the Yellow Submarine. Your video library deserves it and so do you."
Louise Keller

"This benignly comedic, colour driven, imaginative film is really a music video connecting fantasy, animation, music and innocent mischief, with the baddies as enjoyable as the goodies. The dry Liverpudlian Beatle-talk lends a wonderful down to earthiness to a film that is often extraordinarily inventive and visually adventurous, defying its age. It's also action packed, oozing with good will, full of the kind of child-like nonsense that gave The Goons their extended popularity. It's hardly more than a loose excuse for housing some of The Beatles favourite tunes, and will never be out of date or out of fashion. A certified classic."
Andrew L. Urban

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The Fab Four



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VOICES: John Clive (John); Geoffrey Hughes (Paul); Peter Batten (George); Paul Angelis (Ringo); Dick Emery (Lord Mayor); Lance Percival (Old Fred); Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

DIRECTOR: George Dunning


SCRIPT: Lee Minoff, Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn, Erich Segal (from an original story by Lee Minoff; based on a song by John Lennon & Paul McCartney)

MUSIC: George Martin

DESIGN: Heinz Edelmann

RUNNING TIME: 89 minutes


VIDEO RERELEASE: September 13, 1999 (30th anniversary)

RRP (Video): $19.95
RRP (DVD): $34.95
RRP (CD soundtrack): $29.95 (EMI)

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