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Selection of Movies About Traveling and Spiritual Enlightenment

What can be better than packing a bag, boarding on a plane, and flying to another continent to explore the nature and culture of the other countries? It is quite natural that most people travel and go on vacations in summer or to the places where it is warm.

In rainy and cold weather, most of us prefer to stay home and spend leisure time on the Internet or TV. Gamblers, for instance, may try Australian pokies online with no deposit bonus which is available without even the need to leave home. As an alternative, there are plenty of films which unveil the beauties of this world and may inspire spectators to the next trip.

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013, is an interesting story about a journalist who has had quite a trivial lifestyle and dreamt of adventures. After an important picture disappeared, he goes off on a journey. The audience may enjoy the views of Iceland, Greenland, and the Himalayas. Unbelievable adventures of the main character played by Ben Stiller, along with the funny situations he has experienced, will provide spectators with the most positive impressions and emotions.

2. The Physician returns viewers to Medieval times. The main character loses his family and, after hearing about the legendary healer Avicenna, decides to become his apprentice. Travelling through Muslim countries which are full of dangers and adventures, Robert manages to get the consent of Avicenna. Adventures, medical science, and emotional circumstances will make viewers understand the despair and strong will of the main character.

3. Life of Pi, 2012, is the story of the Indian man who traveled to Canada from his motherland. Because of the storm, he was left in one boat with a tiger, later, they landed on the coast of Mexico where he tells a different story of his journey which is, of course, more trivial. The beauty and danger of the waters thrill and charm the audience. Magnificent views, as well as captivating plot, will not make viewers bored.

4. Eat Pray Love is the story which can make lots of people want to live their lives in full. The main heroine understands that her life is boring, she gets divorced and starts a journey which changes her life. Julia Roberts played the character who experienced new emotions in Italy, where she enjoyed her new life, India, where she unveiled new culture and religion, as well as on Bali with the most unexpected adventures waiting for her there.

5. The Darjeeling Limited tells the story of three brothers who are depressed because of the death of their father. They go to India, but it turns out to be an adventurous and dangerous trip which helps each of them to overcome the negative emotions they are struggling with.

6. Under the Tuscan Sun is the movie about the unexpected turns in people’s lives. After divorcing her husband, the heroine is left devastated and broken-hearted. Due to a tour to Tuscany presented by a friend, she moves to this sunny place, buys a house, and tries to start her life from the very beginning. A very sensitive and romantic story in combination with fantastic views and picturesque places.

A nice and emotional evening can be easily arranged even at home. One may choose from plenty of films which are available. Besides, the charm of nature and places which are filmed will inevitably motivate people to arrange a trip to one of these locations. The main motto learned from such films is that life shall be bright, adventurous, and full of emotions and impressions.

Published April 12, 2019

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