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'Dutch' Van Den Broeck (Harrison Ford) of Washington Police Internal Affairs, is devoted to his wife, Peyton (Susanna Thompson). Kay Chandler (Kristin Scott Thomas) a New Hampshire Congresswoman running for re-election, is devoted to her husband Cullen (Peter Coyote) and their daughter Jessica (Kate Mara). Their busy lives are gatecrashed when a plane on the way to Miami plunges into the ocean, killing all passengers - including the couple in 3A and B, traveling on Mr and Mrs tickets. As the real identity of this couple is revealed, the trust on which the two marriages have been based dissolves. Dutch and Kay are thrown together in a tramuatic moment of their lives and grapple with the consequences of their loss in a unique way.

"For those who've seen and liked Random Hearts in the cinema, the DVD brings an abundance of extra pleasures that add to the depth of involvement with the characters, the mood and the complex story of humanity that it represents. From the start of Sydney Pollack's commentary, for example, we are keenly aware that Pollack is taking us into his confidence as he reveals his continuing exploration of certain elements. He is discussing it with us as if we were seeing it together in his private theatrette, as he explains why he chose certain elements over others. His comments are more an exploration of the decision making process than a mere 'this is how we did it'. He admits to even now being uncertain of some of the motivations and inner turmoil that his characters go through. It is a visceral two hours he spends on this with us. He often comments on the many great actors who agreed to take very small roles for the film, such as Peter Coyote, Richard Jenkins, Paul Guilfoyle, Bonnie Hunt, Charles Dutton and others. By the time he's finished, we're saturated in his own processes and realise the importance of editing in creating a particular mood for every scene. This is Pollack at his best, and the DVD at its best. The more formal 22 minute Behind the Scenes feature is traditional and a bit repetitious. There are some deleted scenes with comments from Pollack (all of them were cut because they were adding length without enough relevance to the main core of the film) and both the US and international trailers. (I prefer the US version.) The navigation design is clean and effective but also interesting with its footage inset, and the overall package is well worth the price."
Andrew L. Urban

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CAST: Harrison Ford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Peter Coyote, Sydney Pollack

DIRECTOR: Sydney Pollack

RUNNING TIME: 128 minutes

DVD Distributor: Columbia TriStar

DVD RELEASE: April 18, 2000


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