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Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) is a Navy intelligence officer who becomes a political pawn when Texas U.S. Senator Lillian DeHaven (Anne Bancroft) decides the military's nowhere near being gender integrated. As head of the Armed Service Committee, DeHaven has the power to make heads roll. Thus, the male military brass comply with her demands, but decide to make Jordan go through the Navy SEAL training program, believing that she'll be one of the sixty percent who drop out. While Royce (Jason Beghe), her boyfriend and fellow officer, doesn't want her to go, she sees this as her last chance to get active duty experience that will help her get future promotions. She goes off for training where she meets Master Chief John Urgayle (Viggo Mortensen), a tough as nails instructor whose only goal is to break the spirit of every cadet there. Although she's shunned by her male companions, Jordan perseveres, much to the chagrin of DeHaven who turns out to have been using her for her own political gains. Once learning that, Jordan does what she can to prove that a woman can make it through the rigorous training and become a SEAL.

"Ridley Scott’s G.I. Jane is a powerful and engaging film with gripping issues and plenty of action. While it is a film about physical and mental strength, it also addresses honour, courage, loyalty, integrity, discrimination and perseverance. It is very much a showcase for an extraordinarily fit Demi Moore, who gives a most convincing performance as the G.I. Jane who wants no concessions and asks to be treated like ‘one of the boys’. Moore is totally believable in this role, just the right balance of tough-as-guts feminist with that of a woman who believes in herself and what she wants. She delivers. Viggo Mortensen (as Master Chief) is outstanding in the role, with a strong, effective presence; Anne Bancroft is passionate as the Senator with another agenda. The interaction between the would-be SEALS, and Jordan’s battle to overcome resentment and discrimination, is handled sensitively and effectively. Long before everyone has come round, we are captive on Jordan’s side, and are rooting for her loud and long. Trevor Jones’ stunning, stirring music score adds plenty of oomph to Scott’s polished direction, and the final combat scenes, when training becomes the real thing, are absolutely thrilling. G.I. Jane offers the combination of an intriguing premise, packaged with star-power and tied with ribbons of exciting action."
Louise Keller

"G.I. Jane is as much a film about Demi Moore strutting her stuff and proving herself as her on-screen character Jordan O'Neil. O'Neil is a tough, independent woman living in a male domain, a domain of power. Moore is much the same. After failing to ignite the box office of late, she has bounced back with a film that is pure Hollywood, a film that doesn't offer anything new, yet manages to engulf the viewer and entertain. Moore fits the bill and her performance, though superficial, fits her demeanour. There are plenty of extraneous shots of her naked, of her thighs, breasts and buttocks which tend to define more the actress than the character, but while G.I. Jane is star-driven, it works through the visually fluid direction of Ridley Scott, making his most mainstream film to date. Viggo Mortensen delivers the film's only real performance as the seemingly brutal commander who also manages to recite D.H. Lawrence. Anne Bancroft seems a bit wasted and gives a boorish performance as a manipulative politician. The battle scenes and scenes of training have been beautifully realised by Scott, and apart from the final moments of rah rah patriotism that reduces the film to another trite action film, G.I. Jane is masterful entertainment. Expect more from Moore and you'll be sadly disappointed."
Paul Fischer

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GI JANE (M15+)

CAST: Demi Moore, Viggo Mortensen, Anne Bancroft, Jason Beghe, Daniel Von Bargen, John Michael Higgings, Kevin Gage, David Warshofsky, David Vadim, Morris Chestnut, Josh Hopkins, Jim Caviezel, Boyd Kestner, Angel David, Stephen Ramey, Gregg Bello

PRODUCER: Ridley Scott, Demi Moore, Roger Birnbaum, Suzanne Todd

DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott

SCRIPT: David Twohy & Danielle Alexandra (story by Danielle Alexandra)


EDITOR: Pietro Scalia

MUSIC: Trevor Jones


RUNNING TIME: 124 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: October 23, 1997

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