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We proudly present the 2nd annual Urban Cinefile Birthday Honours List recognising outstanding achievement by 39 Australians in the world of film, whether produced in Australia or internationally, released in Australia during 2001. This is the only Australian honour recognising Australians working in international productions.

Urban Cinefile Hall of Fame
Baz Luhrmann

In recognition of outstanding achievement with the ‘red curtain’ trilogy of films, Strictly Ballroom, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet – and completed by Moulin Rouge in 2001.

* indicates foreign film

Outstanding Achievement as Writer/Director:
Shirley Barrett – Walk the Talk
David Caesar – Mullet
Robert Connolly – The Bank

Outstanding Achievement as Director:
Stephen Johnson – Yolngu Boy
Ray Lawrence - Lantana
Robert Lucetic – Legally Blonde *
Rachel Perkins – One Night The Moon

Outstanding Achievement as Scriptwriter (original):
Chris Anastassiades – Yolngu Boy

Outstanding Achievement as Scriptwriter (adapted):
Andrew Bovell – Lantana
Anne Kennedy – The Monkey’s Mask

Outstanding Achievement as Actor in a Leading Role:
Kerry Armstrong - Lantana
Nell Feeney – Mallboy
Nicole Kidman – The Others *
Anthony LaPaglia - Lantana
Ben Mendelsohn – Mullet
Guy Pearce – Memento *
Susie Porter – The Monkey’s Mask

Outstanding Achievement as Actor in a Supporting Role:
Alice Ansara – La Spagnola
Vince Colosimo – Lantana
Andrew S. Gilbert – Mullet
Sacha Horler – Walk the Talk
Belinda McClory – Mullet
Noah Taylor – Almost Famous *

Outstanding achievement as voice actor:
Keith Scott – The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle *

Outstanding Achievement as Cinematographer:
Chris Doyle HKCS– In the Mood for Love *
Andrew Lesnie ACS – Fellowship of the Rings *
Donald M. McAlpine ACS – Moulin Rouge
Mandy Walker - Lantana

Outstanding achievement as Production Designer:
Catherine Martin – Moulin Rouge

Outstanding achievement as Editor:
Jill Bilcock – Moulin Rouge
John Scott – Sexy Beast *

Outstanding achievement in screen music:
Alan Johns – The Bank
Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody, Mairead Hannan – One Night The Moon

Outstanding Achievement in Documentary:
Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly – Facing the Music
Tom Zubrycki - The Secret Safari

Published February 28, 2002

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Baz Luhrmann - Moulin Rouge

BDAY HONOURS 2001 - presented by Russell Crowe - DETAILS

Shirley Barrett - Walk the Talk

Guy Pearce - Memento

Susie Porter - The Monkey's Mask

Nell Feeney - Mall Boy

Nicole Kidman - The Others

Keith Scott - Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

This year’s recipients have been selected by the editors and senior contributors of Urban Cinefile in consultation with the following guilds and professional associations, whose involvement we warmly acknowledge:

Australian Cinematographers Society

Australian Guild of Screen Composers

Australian Screen Editors

Australian Writers Guild

The other guilds, while supportive, do not yet have mechanisms in place to participate formally.

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