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When a reporter is struck down during a widely publicised demonstration of parapsychological power, unnatural events are put into motion. One by one, every single journalist present at the event is struck down, and as the 1960s come to a close, the fiancť of the first man to die is determined to find whoever or whatever is responsible and take her revenge.†

Review by Andrew L. Urban:
This is the prequel to Ring and Ring 2, but made last, and by different director; but the writer, Koji Suzuki, is the novelist on whose work the other two films are based. Itís the story of how the central character, the pretty and mysterious Sadako, became the murderous and vengeful spirit in the two Rings films. Director Norio Tsuruta uses a subtle approach as he builds the tension piece by piece, scene by scene. Set in contemporary Japan, Ring 0: Birthday stars Yukie Nakama as Sadako, the budding young trainee actress who is perhaps possessed by some sort of demon. She is very well cast, with a haunting fragility and a mysterious presence. Seiichi Tanabe is also excellent as her boyfriend. The basis for all the terror is a dream that seems to be shared by potential victims about a well. Ring excels by drawing us into its mood with a deliberate pace that relies on our own imagination working overtime. This is a classic filmmaking trick but itís not used often enough. I really like the use of music in this film: sparse as it is, itís highly effective. As is the lighting, also sparse, leaving plenty of shadows and dark corners.†

The DVD presents the film beautifully, with excellent, full sound, but there are no extras to speak of, except a handful of stills (not very interesting) and filmographies. But fans will want it for the film itself.

Published July 24, 2003

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RING O: DVD (M15+)

CAST: Yukie Nakama, Takeshi Wakamatsu, Yoshiko Tanak, RyŻji Mizukami, Kaoru Okunuki, Kumiko Aso

DIRECTOR: Norio Tsuruta

SCRIPT: Koji Suzuki

RUNNING TIME: 99 minutes

PRESENTATION: 16 X 9 anamorphic widescreen; single sided, single layered

SPECIAL FEATURES: Stills gallery, Japanese Ring cycle trailers; filmographies; Madman propaganda; Sadako video;


DVD RELEASE: June 11, 2003

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