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Readers were quick to respond to our world exclusive on April 1, 1998, in which we broke the news that George Miller (of Babe fame) was working on the next James Bond movie, introducing James Bondís illegitimate son, with perhaps Noah Taylor in the role of James jnr, and Ruth Cracknell as Bondís one time one-night stand affair on Dunk Island off the Queensland coast. Here we publish a selection of your replies.

George and I are very pissed off that you discovered our secret. Expect legal action soon - possibly as early as 1/4/98.
Bazza Connery (aka Adrian Herring), Sydney

This has Success written all over it as a concept. But what about the rights to use James Bond's name? Isn't it patented?
Rhys Kelly, Southern Star, Sydney

Dear Andrew et al
Well, you had me - at least until we got to the bit about Dunk Island. Oh, Pleeeease DUNK??? The James Bond I knew and loved wouldn't have been seen dead on Dunk Island! I know - he told me when we spent an idyllic week in Paradise on Lizard Island. Truth can be stanger than fiction you know - call me sometime and I'll introduce you to my beautiful twins - James and Jemmima. they haven't met their Dad yet. I'm just waiting for the right moment..... Happy April 1 and thanks for bringing me a chuckle on a dull Wednesday!
Libby de Vos, Sydney

OK Andrew, do we look like a bunch of Putzes. James Bond Jnr????? For April 1 you can do so much better than that surley. Although For about 10 secs there you had me going.
Mark Muggeridge, Brainwaave Interactive, Sydney

Call me paranoid, but could this be some sort of an April fools joke or are you really serious about the Australian 007 Jr??
Christian de Schutter, Brussels

And so say all of us. Happy AF Day to you too, dear friend.
Rocky Bester, The Becker Group, Sydney

April Fool ! Thanks for the laugh !
All of us at AFTRS, Queensland

April fools to you too!
Joel de Courcy Browne, Video Education Australia, Bendigo, Vic

Good one! Had me going for a while! By the way, great site.
Jerry Dohnal, Sydney

My blood started pumping when I read the first par and told our staff to Ďquick, get onto George Miller and offer our servicesí Ė then I read on and finally realised you were pulling our leg! Thanks for the laugh.
Barb Edols, Pacific Film & TV Commission, Brisbane

Michelle Hockley, Customs, Melbourne

Happy April Fool's Day Andrew - Not bad though!
Slav (Robert Slaviero), 20th Century Fox, Sydney

Itís also rumored that post production sound for the film is happening at Music and Effects!
Music & Effects, Melbourne

Damn and damnation ... I had a similar idea noted for mid-term holiday development !!!
Hunter Cordaiy, Film Studies, University of Western Sydney

Yeah yeah, April fool.
Nick Southcombe, North Bondi

Yeah right - April Fools.
Nice effort though.
James Rickards, Revesby NSW

Didnt believe your George Miller/ James Bond story for a second. Well a few seconds.Well actually for several pars (red face). You'll have us believe Miller is making a film about a talking pig next.
Lynden Barber, Sydney

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George Miller - an ideal Gorgon Zola (he's a big cheese in the Australian Film Industry)


Noah Taylor - born to play James Bond Jnr (but will need a hair cut!)


Ruth Cracknell - Bonked on Dunk!


Helena Bonham Carter - double barrel love interest for James Jnr




1/4/98: Take a look at SMH's Icon Section on-line, where Urban Cinefile's world exclusive has replaced the usual game for the day, in QUICKBREAK.


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